We build value to the world of brands

and selective products, through creativity and innovation with an incredible, flexible and committed service.


We bring value to the profession

thanks to innovation in processes, and the excellence in operations and workflows.


We bring value to society

by creating exciting and unique brand experiences that represent and fulfill the expectations and dreams of consumers.


Aktiva super powers

Creativity and innovation
Creativity Lab, for developing successful projects and leading sales products, through design thinking and strategy, taking advantage of new technologies, positioning your product ahead of competitors.

Excellence in operations and processes
High performance teams, we firmly believe in building strong relations thanks to the close collaboration, training and mentoring, continuous support and promotion of the projects and the industry talent.

Incredible attention.
Brand strategy control, timing and real-time costs in all projects. Real-time control of the whole creation and development process, specifications and reports. Committed to generating better products every day and to optimizing costs and timmings.



Product and Packaging Design
Campaign Art Direction
Digital and Social Media Content
Retail & POS Experiences
Film and Motion Graphics
Innovation Consultancy