The Future is Yet to Print

This year is fedrigoniclub 10th anniversary in Spain and we had the pleasure of being part of it creating the most beautiful and classy experience for its clients. “The Future in Yet to Print”. The compromise of Fedrigoni through the years with its clients but also the opportunity and hope for a successful future, full of possibilities.

First step: thrill the costumers. Make them dream about it. We made it classy with an unforgettable present, and experience. An elegant white box made with Fedrigoni papers. Inside it, Cotton seeds in a fine glass container as a reminder of the importance of time and caring but also as an opportunity to build new relationships and projects.

Then the inevitable, the experience: a typical Mediterranean sea-views mansion in Sitges. A beautiful party full of surprises. Three worlds to navigate to the past, explore the present, and discover the future. Brand development, graphics, digital campaign, conceptual presents and experimental event for Fedrigoni.