Essentials – Infinite Possibilities

Each new project is a call to explore new territories, when it seems that everything is invented, the pioneer show itself and demonstrates that the imagination is a space of infinite possibilities which deserves to be conquered again an again. Aktiva have imagined the whole universe and designed all the pieces for  ‘Essentials, Infinite Possibilities’ campaign, a catalog made up of eight booklets divided into categories: Identity, Packaging, Edition, Adhesive, Binding, Digital, Shopping Bag and Ecological, which allow you to start the infinite journey through new creative territories.





ESSENTIALS was part of a tour in Valencia, Málaga, La Coruña and Lisbon. In line with the graphics of the campaign, we created an experience in four dimensions, a trip to a place where time does not exist, and the infinite is much beyond what we can hear, smell or taste. In order to achieve this, we look for Wanda Barcelona team who built art pieces around the four universes found in the catalog: Packaging, Ecological, Identity and Edition, using Fedrigoni papers The events were located in the most exclusive places of each city, accompanied by catering specially designed with the colors and concepts of the catalog and with the support of artists who created an artistic space where surprise was assured.