The Creation House

“Vanitas” still life as a symbolic work of art showing the transience of life and the beauty of the ephemeral. The graphic intends to build a universe inspired by modern baroque, with sober blacks that refer the concept of memento mori.

Villa Mayfair will be the meeting place, the place to be for these restless and creative minds. A reference of creativity. A space in constant renovation. A place to develop creativity and explore new ways of expression. A project based on exchange and co-creation. A new way of conceptualizing the adaptation of physical spaces and creating communities around the world. Give and take. A house open to anyone who wants to be part of its construction. The use of space in exchange for talent, resources and knowledge.





With a collaborative nature, Villamayfair has searched for different artists that represent the concept of Vanitas through its art. Two illustrators and three photographers open their universe to represent nature, sensations and the bridge between the living and the dead, chance and fate or fragility. All through art, fashion and illustration, building a diverse language that supports the message of the project.

We invite you to enjoy the floral delicacy of Daniel del Valle, the dark and emotional world of Max Löffler, the photographic intensity of Adrian Catalán, the magical world of Jon Anders and the intimate photography of Ana Sting.